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We buy houses in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We are from Colorado Springs and take pride in helping area homeowners sell their house fast and without hassle. We buy homes as investments. Click here to find out more about why we buy houses

Who We Are

I wasn't born in Colorado, but have quickly grown to love the beautiful land and wonderful people in this state. Almost as much as I love this state, I love buying and selling real estate. I started in this business back in 2003 when it was hard to lose money no matter what you did. Prices were appreciating so fast that even if you overpaid you just had to wait six months and you’d make your money back. Then 2007 hit and times got tough. The year prior I had invested in an area of real estate I didn’t have much experience with, and when the recession hit I lost the entire investment. I won’t go into details as I’m sure you know of many people that came on hard times back then, but I wanted you to know that if you’re having problems with your house, I’ve been there.

That experience of loss has allowed me to stand in the shoes of everyone I’ve been able to help since then to truly understand and sympathize with their situation. I’m not saying I’m always going to be the best solution to your real estate problem, but I am always willing to listen and give you my honest advice on what I think you should do. Besides buying and selling homes, I’m also a huge fan of doing anything outdoors. My wife Lauren, my three dogs, and I spend as much time in the mountains and on the water as possible. Yes I even take my dogs kayaking and canoeing.

Being a newer Colorado resident, I’ve become fascinated with the high mountains and have started my journey towards completing all of the famous 14ers. I take my hat off to anyone who has completed even one 14er...... but it doesn’t count if you drove to the top of Pikes Peak.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me and what brought me to love real estate. I very much look forward to learning more about you and how I can help solve your housing problem.

This business is how we make a living. We always treat people with respect. You can be assured that this is not just an empty statement by reading through testimonials and reviews from recent customers here.

Our Mission Statement

"To give everyone an option to easily sell a house fast without having to sell with an agent. We buy houses so that you can do what you'd rather do with your time."

Our Core Values

These core values are the center of our beliefs and shape who we are and how we operate:

  1. Be Empathetic
  2. Be Humble
  3. Always Follow Through
  4. Provide a WOW Experience
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning

The Sell My House to Smith LLC Difference

You're might be thinking, "what makes you different from other house buying companies out there?" We're glad you asked...

We're able to pay more than other house buying companies because we have set ourselves up with contractors that repair the houses at a discount for us. They give us these discounts due to the volume of work we provide them. This allows us to pay you more money for your house and allows us to still make a return on our investment.

Many people aren't aware they have a option aside from selling a house themselves or hiring a real estate agent to sell their house. That somewhat unknown option is to sell fast to a cash home buying company such as ourselves. This option allows you to avoid paying thousands of dollars in agent commissions and closing costs assistance for someone needing a bank loan to buy your house.

Instead of putting your house on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come along, you can get a no-obligation cash offer from us within 24 hours!

Having to keep your house in immaculate condition so that you can constantly show it to complete strangers is not very appealing. Those buyers might not even have the ability to get a loan to buy your house. How do you know if they are qualified for a loan?

Why put yourself through all of that? You've already found a ready and willing buyer here.

We buy houses fast, for cash in Colorado Springs. Just give us a call and get an offer from a qualified buyer today.

Get My Cash Offer
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I Buy Houses Fast

When you sell to us, you can expect a fast sale. Paying cash allows us to close faster than most other buyers.

I Am Personally Involved

You won't be dealing with some big corporation when selling to us. You will be dealing directly with me.

We Buy As-Is

Don't worry about making those repairs or even cleaning out that house. We will buy any house exactly the way it is.